The new Pearls & Sea tiles

From Porcelanosa Group…

In a constant search for innovative and cutting edge designs, Porcelanosa Group is committed to providing coatings that offer special solutions for different projects. The ceramic coatings with metallic finishes by the Group are a clear example of this.

Sea and Pearls are two of the exclusive ceramics designs. The gloss finishes are achieved through the process of precious metal plating, applied on a monoporous surface. The large sized ceramic pieces combine the quality of the ceramic materials with a particular design.

This delicate process is carried out on each and every one of the pieces in almost a handcrafted way, making them of a greater value and producing unique coatings with finishes that have a more distinguished look.

Currently, the coatings in the Pearls and Sea series are available with the choice between the finishes Pearls White, Pearls Dark and Pearls Silver, Sea White and Sea Silver.

Pearls White & Dark collection comes in 33.3×100 price £45.63 +VAT sqm and 20×33.3 price £28.29 +Vat sqm.

Another edition to the Metallic family is the Mosaic Metallic tiles. Available in size 20×33.3 (x9.5mm). Price is £35.26 +Vat sqm. These tiles are water resistant and ideal for bathroom areas.

Instructions for installation & care for Sea and Pearl tiles
• Given their special finish, the same precautions apply to these products as those used when caring for gold or platinum coverings. Handle with maximum care.
• When placing do not remove the scratchproof protective plastic until the products have been laid and grouted.
• Use a rubber mallet to lay them. Under no circumstances should adjoining tiles come into contact with one another.
• Use Colorstuk Special (by Butech part of the Porcelanosa Group) as grouting.
• Use a slightly damp sponge to clean the tile joints, passing it diagonally across them. Do not use dirty or brackish water.
• Do not use abrasive, acidic or alkaline cleaning products.
• These products are not suitable for wet areas like public spas or swimming pools where aggressive saline and/or disinfectant products like bleach are used.

For more information visit: or Tel: 0800 915 4000.


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