The perfect way to dress your windows

The way in which a window is dressed can make a huge difference to a room’s overall look

Windows are an aspect of the home that is often not considered when thinking about interior design; this can be a mistake. The way in which a window is dressed can make a huge difference to a room’s overall look. For example, when keeping a room neutral, perhaps for a house sale or to show to prospective tenants, heavy curtains in a gaudy colour or pattern are not likely to win anyone over.

Let light in

Windows are not there to make it is possible to look out of, they are also essential to let in light and bring a little of the outdoors in. Large windows and patio doors in a conservatory serve that precise purpose. A conservatory, garden room or sun room are places in which to sit, in full view of the garden, while being sheltered from the elements. Many people prefer to use vertical blinds, as they can be left open so that the light comes in and do not distract from the view; they can also be easily closed for privacy. If the home is not overlooked there is no reason to cover these windows, making the inside space as bright as possible during the day.

Keep light out

In a child’s room, the ideal window dressing should ideally be something washable or a material that can at least be easily wiped. Wooden blackout shutters are perfect for the summer months, as the evenings are lighter and smaller children may have trouble adjusting to sleeping when it is not dark outside. They are also ideal in the bedrooms of individuals who work night shifts and have to sleep during the day.

Consider the room

Bathrooms and cloakrooms tend to have frosted glass, so window dressings designed to prevent anyone being able to see in are not necessary, although most people still like the feeling of privacy that comes with window dressings. Light voile fabrics work well and are easily cleaned. It is important to remember that if wooden blinds are chosen they must be treated to withstand the steam and moisture that occurs when the bath or shower is in use. If they are not treated they could become affected by mildew or even rot away in a short period of time.

One of the most stylish window dressings around at the moment is plantation shutters, which are suitable for use on any window in the home. They look amazing and will not look out of place in a character property or a modern property. Plantation shutters are tailor made to suit each window, so they can be fitted to even round or arched openings.

Before purchasing any new window dressings it is advisable to give some thought as to what will achieve the desired result. Avoid having shutters, net curtains and drawer curtains all on the same window; it will only look like overkill. Keep it simple; by doing so, if the room’s decor is changed or the colours of the soft furnishings is altered, the windows will still look great and it will not be necessary to spend money replacing them.

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