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In the first of a series that will eventually cover the entire installation process, Thermoboard – Wavin’s Underfloor Heating (UFH) division – has published four videos detailing the step-by-step installation of UFH manifolds: the system elements that link heating loops and heat sources together.

Different manifold types and applications covered are: modular and lightweight composite manifold for multi-circuit installations; single circuit control packs; and, for low build up systems using thinner bore pipe, single zone control systems and small room connection packs.

The first video describes the installation of a manifold which is suitable for the majority of applications. This composite manifold can accommodate systems with between 1 and 12 heating zones and can accept pipes from above or below; so it can easily accommodate circuits on different floors of a property, if required.

Single circuit control packs are used in situations where there is a single heating circuit only, with any of Thermoboard’s in-floor systems, except the Low-Build 15 system, as an alternative to the full composite manifold. The single zone control system is used with Thermoboard’s Low-Build 15 product, where the heating area is greater than 6m2 and can be used for either single or multiple circuit installations, up to a maximum of 3 circuits, heating as a single zone. For Low-Build 15 installations with a single heating circuit equal or less than 6m2, the small room connection pack can be used.

The informative and easy-to-follow guides cover all aspects of the installation from package contents and tools required; through to connection and commissioning.

The manifold videos are the first in an upcoming full series from the company which will eventually tackle the entire gamut of UFH installation subjects – whether dealing with control centres (networked or standard) or the comprehensive range of floor product solutions for all applications.

The manifold installation videos can be accessed via or YouTube.

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