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Summer is finally here so it’s the perfect time to release the potential of your property and make the most of what you have. Bi-folding doors can bring the benefits of a seamless link between inside and out, more spacious living areas and transform the feeling of a room just by letting more light in. Bi-folding doors can open up a whole new way of living by creating an elegant focal point that adds the wow factor to every home.
Neil Ginger, CEO of Origin, a UK specialist manufacturer of folding sliding doors shares his top tips for consideration when thinking about installing these gorgeous additions to your property.

Make the best use of your space
Any space can be enhanced, opened up and its potential achieved with the correct know how. How about a set of doors that opens up a 90 degree view across your garden? Doors can open in or out of a room depending on the best use of space available.

Try before you buy
Home exhibitions and installer showrooms offer the perfect opportunity to get up close to the doors, compare the systems and configurations available and to talk through any technical questions with bi-fold door experts. When operating the doors ensure they glide smoothly along the track.

Lead time
Standard Industry lead time for bespoke bi-fold doors is around six to eight weeks. Origin’s innovative ‘your lead time, not ours’ promise means you can have your doors delivered and installed as quickly as you need them. This means your builder can cut the aperture, order the doors and receive delivery as quickly as required, providing peace of mind that your house is secure and protected.

Safety first
Look out for special safety features such as ‘finger safe’ gaskets between individual door leaves which provide safe cushioning to avoid little fingers being trapped. Strong magnets on lead doors to prevent slamming in the wind are an important consideration, as well as ensuring the roller system is encased to prevent trapped fingers and dust entering the mechanism.

Look out for the latest kite mark approved standards and choose doors with a minimum of a five point multi-point locking system. Hinges should be strong and designed to withstand break-in attempts. Origin exceeds security recommendations by using a combination of features such as a unique eight point locking system combined with a tough Magnum lock cylinder and solid cast security handles making them one of the safest options available.


Your home is a personal statement so choose doors that fit your style and taste. Good bi-fold manufacturers will offer a choice of finishes, colours and styling and allow full customisation of handles, hinges and colour coordinated seals to create a perfectly integrated look for your home. We recommend aluminium as the material of choice for bi-fold doors as it is lightweight and strong. The natural aesthetics of wood can be achieved using an aluminium system which far exceeds both wood and UPVC in terms of performance and durability.

Dress your Doors
Large areas of glass needn’t be a concern as blinds are available in a variety of styles, colours and fittings. They can be custom fitted to bi-folds and significantly change the feel of a room; provide privacy, shade and a touch of colour.


Weather rating
Protect your home from the British weather by installing doors that are certified compliant by a BFRC, (British Fenestration Ratings Council) member to ensure the doors meet current building and thermal regulations. If you live in coastal areas check that the doors are finished to ‘marine grade standards’ for additional protection against salty conditions allowing your doors to last and perform for years to come. Equal floor finishes can be created from inside to outside by using a flush threshold but be sure to check the threshold you chose is fully weather rated to ensure you select the right option for you.

UK Manufactured
Support British business by using UK based manufacturers that design and build their own products. With both aspects in one place, you get a higher level of expertise and product finish, reduced lead time and any issues or replacements required can be quickly resolved. Origin doors are sent out with a unique serial number plate which enables monitoring of the 20 year guarantee and quick identification of the manufacturer which is particularly useful when moving into a property with existing bi-folds.

A well made set of doors should be guaranteed for a minimum of ten years. Origin’s standard 20 year guarantee on all components of the door is the longest in the industry so you can rest assured you’re getting peace of mind with your purchase.

Decent aluminium bi-fold doors will cost between £1200 – £1600 per door so don’t be tempted to buy cheap. For elegance and security, shop around to find the best deal and options available, after all you will be looking at them for years to come.

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