Vent Axia

Vent Axia

Of more than 70 years, Vent-Axia has set the ventilation standard.

We are immensely proud of our heritage as a dynamic British manufacturer.

In 1936 Joe Akester invented the world’s first electrically-operated, window fan and Vent-Axia was born. Today, we are every bit as forward-thinking, original and dedicated as we were then.

That’s why the Vent-Axia brand is not just the clear leader in the sector, but also the chief innovator and leader in energy-saving, low-carbon products and systems.

It’s a trusted brand that’s renowned for a long-standing commitment to high quality, innovation and excellence.
Our products and systems are specifically designed and created to meet the precise needs of homeowners, specifiers and contractors in the UK and across the globe.

We are a solutions provider. Whatever your ventilation application, we can help you with the answer.

Our products and systems are supported by expert sales and technical teams who understand your needs and the requirements of Building Regulations, the Code for Sustainable Homes, the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive and other important country specific legislation.
We provide, without doubt, the largest, most comprehensive choice available from any single manufacturer. The Vent-Axia range covers not just air movement, air handling and ventilation technologies but specialist heat recovery, electric heating, cooling and clean air systems for residential, commercial, public sector and industrial applications.

From the volume development to the landmark project, Vent-Axia solutions provide a common thread of quality, reliability and ‘fit-for-purpose’ performance that is beyond the reach of other companies.

We also care.

We work hard to understand our customers, who they are, what they want and where and how they live and work. That’s how we can make their lives as comfortable and straightforward as possible. It’s also the reason why our people are known for their technical expertise, service and a level of support that’s the best in the industry.

We also seek to protect the environment which we all share. Our product development programme is focused around our Lo-carbon initiative, using technology which reduces power consumption and recovers, recycles and re-uses energy that would otherwise be wasted.
Life breathes easier with Vent-Axia – your choice in ventilation

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