Welcome to the wonderful world of ohpopsi.com

a new interiors service that allows developers to market their brand in a flexible and cost effective way.

From street scenes to house types, from happy families to show homes – whatever the key message in your sales environment it can be created quickly and easily thanks to a new bespoke designer wallpaper service – ohpopsi.com

Founders of ohpopsi.com are creative entrepreneurs Ola and Steve Pankiw who established this new creative business on the back of their successful marketing agency, Swift Marketing Solutions. Swift has specialised in producing marketing materials for housebuilder sectors since 1990 and the company is now using ohpopsi.com as yet another tool.

“We have worked with housebuilders for many years and believe that ohpopsi.com is a fresh, original and innovative branding addition to the wide range of marketing tools housebuilders can use,” said Ola. “Already forward thinking developers have seized upon this new opportunity.”

ohpopsi.com has been used to produce monogrammed wallpaper that complements the marketing materials of The Glades, a Barratt & David Wilson Homes development in Yorkshire.

In South Manchester, PJ Livesey Group Ltd is using a picture of the original Withington Hospital entrance as wallpaper in the foyer of its grand Didsbury Gate development – reminding buyers about the sense of history and place of this grade II listed building.

“This is a great idea”, said Georgina Livesey. “The wallpaper is really easy to use and very competitively priced compared with the cost of having a large, impressive area decorated in the traditional way. The fact we can have absolutely any image we want on the walls offers a world of possibilities.”

“Essentially we can create wallpaper from any image you want,” said Ola. “You may want a shot of the surrounding countryside, a contemporary kitchen, a house type or just your own logo – there is nothing we can’t do.

“What’s more ohpopsi.com is very cost effective which means it can be changed quickly and easily. It’s also very easy to remove – just wet it, leave it for 30 minutes and pull it off in strips!”

The wallpaper used is made from pure paper, it is pvc-free, odour free and approved by Greenguard and FSC approved.

“As well as a commercial marketing tool – ohpopsi.com is also a fabulous alternative to a feature wall,” adds Ola. “Your show home designers are going to love it!”

Email: hello@ohpopsi.com  or go to www.ohpopsi.com  for more details.

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