Whirlpool jetchef microwave combi

The ultimate cooking appliance and great value for retailers

With style, power and panache, the Whirlpool freestanding JetChef JT 369 MIR combination microwave, with 6th Sense® intelligence, is a great selling proposition and an invaluable worktop companion for the consumer.

Styled in a fashionable anthracite finish it offers multiple cooking functions. This versatile combi has a forced air convection system, as well as the capability to microwave, steam, grill, crisp, melt, soften and defrost food.

The JetChef JT 369 MIR will perform like the best in class convection oven. The forced air convection means that users can cook as they would in a conventional oven with the assistance of microwave power. It has a generous 31 litre capacity and 36 cm turntable for cooking a variety of dishes from apple pie, fresh pizza and roast chicken with perfect results in considerably less time than a conventional oven.

Equipped with a steamer, the Jet Chef can create healthy meals by steaming vegetables and fish with perfect cooking results at the touch of a button, thanks to the intelligent Whirlpool 6th Sense® technology. This powerful electronic sensor system detects the level of humidity of the food and adapts the power and cooking time. The process is totally controlled automatically ensuring that you achieve the best cooking results every time.

Whirlpool’s Jet defrost technology is a great demonstration point for retailers, as it defrosts up to seven times faster than a conventional microwave, defrosting 500 grams of minced beef in just two minutes.

Dalia Haddad, Product Marketing Manager for Whirlpool says: “The Whirlpool Jet Chef JT 369 MIR makes a tremendous addition to the kitchen portfolio. Robust and powerful, yet stunningly contemporary in its design, the Jet Chef is the perfect worktop ally. It is a versatile and super-efficient model offering a great variety of healthy cooking options in quick time and with perfect cooking results. We want to help everyone get the most out of using their microwave oven and to do more. The new Whirlpool Wavelicious App is just the ticket and will certainly be a great ally in the kitchen when teamed with a Whirlpool microwave oven.”

Key features and benefits of the Whirlpool Jet Chef JT 369 MIR microwave combi :
• Freestanding combination microwave with convection oven performance and versatile microwave functionality
• Achieved the coveted Which? Magazine Best Buy
• Unique 6th Sense® intelligent sensor control; the appliance automatically adjusts the power and time for perfect results
• Equipped with 6th Sense® steam for healthy dishes, capturing their natural goodness and flavours
• 6th Sense® Crisp™ setting crisps and browns just like a conventional oven but faster
• Multiple cooking options include forced convection, microwave, steaming, grilling, crisping, melting, softening and defrosting food
• Jet defrost technology defrosts up to seven times faster than a conventional microwave
• Large 31 litre capacity and 36 cm turntable accommodates generous sized dishes
• The internal surface is finished with Protechflon™, an easy-clean protection to minimise cleaning effort
• Styled in an anthracite finish
• Dimensions: H377 x W487 x D541 mm

For more information on the Whirlpool Jet Chef JT 369 MIR microwave combi and other appliances in the Whirlpool range contact your Account Manager or call Whirlpool UK on 0208 649 5000.

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