Whirlpool launch new dishwasher

Powerclean technology…

Whirlpool, the world’s leading manufacturer of major home appliances, introduces a new dishwasher with the next generation PowerClean™ technology to scour away the toughest soil without the need to pre-rinse.

The new Whirlpool Green Generation ADP 8693 A++ PC 6S WH dishwasher boasts new PowerClean™ technology to eliminate the need to pre-rinse items, saving valuable time, energy and water. Whirlpool’s latest PowerClean™ technology features special nozzles at the back of the dishwasher that are equipped with 28 high-pressure jets to remove burnt-on food from pots, pans and oven dishes, offering 35 per cent better cleaning results*.

The ADP 8693 A++ PC 6S WH 13-place setting dishwasher has Whirlpool’s renowned 6th Sense® technology, with intelligent sensors which measure the level of soiling and adjust resources accordingly, offering savings of up to 50 per cent on energy, water and time. It is also very efficient as it uses just 11-litres of water.

The new ‘A++’ energy rated dishwasher has also been given Whirlpool’s Green Generation accolade, awarded to the most environmentally friendly products, guaranteeing best in class performance and resource optimisation.

Dean McKelvie, Product Marketing Manager, Freestanding, for Whirlpool, says: “The new Green Generation dishwasher offers consumers best in class performance thanks to the introduction of PowerClean™ technology. Not only does it remove the need to pre-soak or scrub pot and pans, saving the consumer time and water, it also guarantees excellent cleaning results even on the dirtiest pots and pans. PowerClean™ technology also adds 40 per cent more space for dishes, excellent for families and the home entertainer.”

Key features and benefits of the ADP 8693 A++ PC 6S WH dishwasher:
• Full size dishwasher with outstanding ‘A++’ energy rated performance, with an ‘A’ rating for washing and drying
• Part of Whirlpool’s Green Generation range of resource-efficient appliances and uses just 11-litres of water in a standard cycle
• New PowerClean™ technology adds up to 40 per cent additional space for dishes
• PowerClean™ technology removes dried on stains without the need to pre-rinse and allows for 35 per cent better cleaning results*
• 6th Sense® intelligent technology for maximum savings in energy, water and time
• 13-place setting capacity
• Eight wash programmes including a 50°C eco wash and a 39 minute quick wash
• Anti-bacterial rinse hygienically cleans dishes and destroys 99.9 per cent of all bacteria
• Adjustable height and removable top basket creates more flexibility and space in lower basket for tall items
• AutoClean filter system for maintenance free living and outstanding results
• 1-24 hour start delay for total convenience and allows consumers to take advantage of less expensive energy tariffs where available
• Salt and rinse aid indicators on LED display
• Counter balanced doors for easy loading and unloading
• End of cycle acoustic signal
• Low noise level of just 42 dB(A)
• Dimensions: H 850 x W 597 x D 590 mm

For more information about Whirlpool’s ADP 8693 A++ PC 6S WH dishwasher Tel: 0208 649 5000 or visit the website at www.whirlpool.co.uk


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