Whirlpool launch new tumble dryer

Outstanding energy rating

Whirlpool, the world’s leading manufacturer of major homes appliances, introduces its new highly efficient heat pump tumble dryer with an outstanding energy rating of ‘A-40%’.

Whirlpool’s new AZA 9790 tumble dryer boasts innovative condenser heat pump technology making it 40 per cent more efficient than an ‘A’ rated tumble dryer. To attain this exceptional energy rating the machine circulates compressed refrigerant gas around a closed circuit and through a heat exchanger, where the gas is condensed, releasing the heat quickly and efficiently.

The tumble dryer features a generous 9kg capacity, making it the ideal machine for families and for bulky items such as towels and bed linen, and also means the laundry can be done less often, saving time, money and valuable resources.

The new tumble dryer has Whirlpool’s 6th Sense® intelligent technology which accurately detects the load size and monitors the temperature and humidity. The appliance adapts the drying cycle to create the ideal conditions for each load, guaranteeing superb drying performance. It has also been given Whirlpool’s Green Generation accolade, awarded to the most resource efficient products in its class.

Dean McKelvie, Product Marketing Manager, Freestanding for Whirlpool, says: “Whirlpool’s new heat pump tumble dryer boasts an outstanding energy efficiency rating to help the consumer save energy and money. The tumble dryer also offers a programme for every consumer’s need, from silk to jeans, to ensure long lasting fabric care.”

Key features and benefits of the Whirlpool AZA 9790 tumble dryer:
• New innovative condenser heat pump technology for excellent energy efficiency when tumble drying
• Outstanding energy rating of ‘A-40%’
• Awarded Whirlpool’s Green Generation accolade for its resource efficiency
• 6th Sense® electronic sensor technology to detect the precise level of humidity and dryness of the load, controlling and adapting the drying cycle to save time and energy
• Eco monitor to allow the consumer to see how much energy the programme will use and gives the opportunity to adjust
• 14 programmes including mixed load, jeans, big items, soft finish, delicate plus, silk, drying, airing; plus seven 6th Sense® programmes for cotton and synthetics
• Generous 9kg capacity to match washing machine load, ideal for drying bulky items like duvets to blankets
• Door opening angle up to 140°
• Automatic anti-crease programme to make ironing easier
• Auto-cool down phase so items are ready to be handled
• Over-dry protection system
• Water full and filter full LED
• Start delay of up to 12 hours to take advantage of lower energy tariffs where available
• Attractive LED display offers feedback on machine’s progress
• Noise level of just 74 d(B)A
• Dimensions: H x W x D 855 x 600 x 600 mm



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