Whirlpool launches new 6th Sense Induction Hob

Intelligent and energy efficient…

Whirlpool, the world’s leading manufacturer of major home appliances, launches a new induction hob with the company’s renowned innovative 6th Sense technology, the ACM 847/ BA, blending design with top technology.

Whirlpool’s intelligent 6th Sense equips the induction hob with sensors that monitor the temperature of the pan and adjusts the power to reach and maintain boiling point rapidly. The 6th Sense function automatically senses the boiling point and indicates to the user, with an acoustic signal, when the water has boiled. On adding any contents to the pan it will maintain the temperature automatically. It means that you don’t have to constantly check the pan regularly for boiling point, the hob looks after itself. However, the hob will also turn off instantly, should the pan be in danger of boiling dry. 6th Sense technology also saves up to 20% energy and time* thanks to the booster option available on each zone.

Intelligent and energy efficient the hob has four zones with the added benefit of a FlexiCook zone. The two left-hand zones may be combined to form one extra-large rectangular cooking zone.This is ideal for large pasta pans or a fish kettle.

With the latest digital display technology and leading-edge, user-friendly, touch-sensitive slide controls, adds to its energy efficiency with the advantage of setting the controls very precisely.

Key benefits of the new ACM 847/BA induction hob
•Black glass four zone induction hob
•Patented 6th Sense induction technology for additional energy efficiency and control
•Multi-function FlexiCook zone – front and left rear zones combine to form one larger zone for bigger pots and pans; two oval zones 180 x 230 mm
•Booster option on every zone for bringing a pan’s contents to the boil rapidly
•Electronic touch slide control for each zone with power on indicator
•Nine settings for each zone for very precise and accurate control
•Automatic pan detection for supreme safety
•Residual heat indicators for each zone, a reminder that the glass can be hot following cooking
•Child lock for additional peace of mind in the home
•Dimensions: H x W x D: 56 x 580 x 510 mm

Simona Bara, Product Marketing Manager Built in for Whirlpool comments: “The consumer is realising the many benefits of switching from gas to the speedy and energy efficient option of an induction hob. We are introducing several induction hobs to our range as the demand is so encouraging. They are so much faster and are tremendously energy and time efficient compared to gas. They are smarter with greater functionality with the added benefit they are much safer too as the hob only functions when it detects a pan on the hob, automatically switching off as soon as you remove the pan. And it also stays relatively cool, so spills and splashes simply don’t burn on making them remarkably easy to clean and maintain.”

For further information visit www.whirlpool.co.uk


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