Whirlpool’s eco monitor

Guarantees energy optimisation

Whirlpool, the world’s leading manufacturer of major home appliances, guarantees minimal resource use in its latest laundry products thanks to its new Eco Monitor feature.

Part of the control panel on Whirlpool’s newly launched WWDC 8420/1 and WWDC 8220/1 washing machines, the Eco Monitor helps the consumer to optimise their energy usage, by immediately displaying energy level during programme selection. It takes the Eco Monitor only 10 seconds to sense the load in the machine, calculate the feedback, and then display the final energy consumption for that particular programme.

This then allows the consumer to decide if they are happy with the amount of energy that would be consumed by a programme, and gives them the option to choose a more eco-friendly cycle for their load if required. The Eco Monitor works as a useful guide for the consumer, helping them to be as efficient as possible, while also enabling them to keep an eye on their energy use and minimise over-spending.

The Eco Monitor is another example of the superior functionality displayed by Whirlpool’s latest washing machines. Alongside 6th Sense® Colours technology, the special Colours 15ºC option, and Wave Motion technology, these models are guaranteed to continue to meet the consumer’s needs into the long-term, offering superb durability. The Whirlpool washing machines were certified as ‘built to last’ after a 2,500-cycle certification test conducted by the German Institute TÜV Rheinland®, which was passed with flying colours.

Dalia Haddad, Product Marketing Manager, Freestanding for Whirlpool, says: “Whirlpool prides itself on its thoughtful, useful features that help the consumer to maximise energy and resource efficiency, and the Eco Monitor available on its latest washing machines is no exception. It gives the consumer total control over the wash cycle, allowing them to choose a more eco-friendly programme if required.

“Furthermore, the consumer can be reassured by the results of the German Institute TÜV Rheinland® testing that their washing machine will offer incredible durability for years to come – something which is sure to grant real peace of mind, and should certainly be mentioned at the point of sale by the retailer.

For more information about Whirlpool’s freestanding washing machines please call Whirlpool on 0208 649 5000 or visit the website at www.whirlpool.co.uk

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