Yamaha introduce the new Restio music system

Sophisticated modern styling

Take a look at Yamaha’s brand new ultra-slim (9cm) wall-hugging Restio integrated audio system and you might be forgiven for wondering if it’s actually a piece of ‘out there’ modern art. The product’s dramatic styling is further emphasised as it sits atop a slim aluminum pole, making it suitable for any space. It can even be mounted on a wall.


The new eye-catching fully featured audio system from the leading audio innovator and music company is a beautiful example of minimal, elegant, contemporary design. And, as you’d expect from Yamaha, the Restio sounds every bit as good as it looks. Features include iPod/iPhone dock, CD player and a DAB radio. The system also features USB and Aux-in sockets for extra flexibility.

Solid, expansive bass and crisp, precisely contoured treble is delivered via a powerful two-way, four speaker configuration finely tuned to HiFi audio standards. Users can personalise their audio preferences thanks to the built-in three-band parametric equaliser.

Restio comes in a variety of colours: Purple, Black, Green and White.Expected price £499.95.




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