Zehnder ComfoBox Apart

Its efficient and innovative heat recovery ventilation system reduces carbon emissions

The Swiss designed ComfoBox Apart energy centre has been specifically created for flats and apartments. It has the ability to provide heating, cooling, heat recovery ventilation and hot water in one unit whilst preserving valuable living space with its compact footprint.

This sophisticated, yet uncomplicated multifunctional unit cleverly incorporates a highly efficient heat recovery ventilation unit – recovering up to 90% of heat that would otherwise have been exhausted to atmosphere – with a ground source heat pump and a hot water storage tank with an integrated 2kW heater. The ComfoBox Apart can be integrated with systems such as underfloor heating, our innovative Nova Neo radiators or solar technology to ensure a year round solution for today’s modern air tight homes and make a valuable contribution to reducing carbon emissions.

The heat recovery ventilation unit simultaneously extracts moist, stale air from bathrooms and kitchens and supplies fresh, tempered air to habitable rooms around the clock. Offered with summer bypass functionality and winter slow down as standard, the unit offers maximum comfort at all times of the day and year – controlling the recovery of heat from warm humid air in the summer and either limiting the influx of colder air or tempering it with an optional pre-heater in the winter when temperatures are at their lowest. Fitted with energy efficient EC motors, you can be assured that not only will the unit perform quietly but will also be reliable and durable.

In addition, the heat recovery ventilation unit can be fitted with an upgraded Enthalpy Heat Exchanger. Whilst heat recovery units can do an amazing job of removing excess moisture in the air from cooking and bathing, this can lead to homes which have very low humidity and can cause issues for inhabitants such as dry skin and chapped lips. The Enthalpy Heat Exchanger is used to reintroduce some humidity back into a dwelling offering optimised comfort and increased system efficiencies which can be gained from utilising the latent energy in the moisture itself.

As well as ventilation and hot water production for both domestic use and heating systems, the ComfoBox Apart also has a ‘Free Cooling’ option. This enables the heat pump to be reversed during warmer months allowing the external ground loop to recharge the earth and comparatively cooler water
to be pumped via the ‘heating’ system providing an element of cooling.

Typically, to install a system which combines heating, cooling, heat recovery and hot water, you would need to liaise with a number of manufacturers and suppliers to knit together a suitable solution however, the compact and modular design of the ComfoBox Apart assures the homeowner of simple installation and servicing. All components are available from one source removing any issues with compatibility.

As part of the Comfosystems range, there are a number of additional products which can be used alongside the ComfoBox Apart to further augment and improve the benefits of the installation ensuring the house is comfortable, healthy and energy efficient.

For more information, please visit www.comfosystems.co.uk

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