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Bringing innovation to the construction sector, Airex offers the world’s first smart air brick that’s keeping homes healthy 

Airex’s mission is to use innovation to combat fuel poverty and tackle climate change head-on, creating warm and healthy homes for all. 

Fuel poverty is a pressing issue affecting 13.4m million people. No one should have to endure cold and uncomfortable living conditions simply because they can’t afford the spiralling costs of heating. Airex’s pioneering technology aims to bridge this gap by providing affordable options that prioritise both comfort and energy efficiency, while ensuring optimal ventilation to help prevent damp and mould. The startup’s commitment goes beyond just creating comfy homes; it extends towards protecting the overall wellbeing of residents.  

The unique smart air brick technology effectively regulates uncontrolled airflow beneath suspended floors. These smart air bricks open and close intelligently using sensor data and weather information. They close to optimise thermal efficiency, but open to ensure adequate airflow and ensure humidity does not build up to and cause damp. Designed for retrofitting into homes with existing sub-floor air bricks, the installation process is straightforward and can be completed by an Airex accredited installer in around one hour. 

Backed by the findings of an ECO3 Demonstration Action trial, the system was successfully validated by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) and Ofgem securing inclusion in Appendix Q of SAP. The trial report confirms the substantial impact of Airex’s Floorvent system on energy efficiency, saving residents 12% on their heating bills and providing a 2-4 SAP point uplift. You can read more about this on their website www.airex.tech/research  

Airex is one of the leaders of a group of exciting technology companies bringing innovation to the construction sector with many benefits for customers and the industry. As it’s a new technology, Airex installers and stockists can penetrate a virtually untapped market. It’s a cost-effective and high-margin energy efficiency solution that’s quick to fit without any disruption to residents. Becoming an accredited installer is simple. Although no special skills are needed, training is provided to give you confidence and peace of mind, with technical support available from a dedicated team, should you need it. 

Installers and merchants with a passion for innovation and sustainable homes love Airex. One such customer is Andrew Pickersgill, Managing Director of McGovern & Co. “I see Airex as a quick and cost-effective measure for preventing the condensation that causes unhealthy homes. Making sure all tenants have a better quality of life is vitally important, and we’re always looking for innovative ways to achieve this. That’s why we champion Airex”.   

For more information about Airex and their Ofgem-approved ventilation control, or to become an accredited installer visit www.airex.tech 

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