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Athena Surfaces are known for supplying housebuilders with high quality worksurface upgrades at competitive costs 

Having sensed a new opportunity, Athena Surfaces are now delving into the world of Porcelain and Sintered stone.  Adam Miles, their founder and MD tells us what the future holds for Athena. 

“When I started Athena 9 years ago it’s goal was simple….provide high-quality, affordable, solid work surfaces to housebuilders whilst not being a pain in their backside!”  This philosophy has stood Athena in good stead, and they have flourished within the housebuilder market currently supplying the 4 largest builders as well as a plethora of regional and smaller developers. 

The core philosophy of not causing pain and flying under the radar is still at the heart of everything they do, Miles continues… “Housebuilders need great products at the right prices, but more than that they need suppliers who go the extra mile to get the job done no matter what is happening around them.  Athena understands that we are a small cog in the machine and there is nothing worse than becoming a problem through poor service or red tape.” 

Within 9 years Athena have become the ‘go to’ supplier to the industry, known for their uncompromising quality, highly desirable products at affordable prices and excellent service levels and they have now identified an opportunity to bring that mindset to the world of Porcelain Tiles and Sintered Stone Worksurfaces. 

Athena have partnered with Luxury Italian Porcelain maker Mirage in Bologna, Italy, to exclusively fabricate Mirage by Athena, extra-large sintered stone slabs in a wide variety of colours that offer worktops which don’t scratch, are resistant to heat, look amazing and most importantly, are priced for the housebuilder market. 

Miles continues “These new materials don’t have to be expensive, they just need a fabricator who understands their market and at Athena we do just that.  We can offer the most aspirational worktops at affordable prices and we can also offer matching indoor and outdoor tiles in the same colours.  This simple aesthetic is what housebuilders’ customers want right now”. 

“We also realised just how stagnant the Tile industry was with regards housebuilders and that there was an opportunity to shake up that market as well, so we have just launched Luxus by Athena, our range of Luxury Italian Tiles, once again, priced to compete in a market where quality, price and service is vital.” 

“Our mantra is to make the aspirational affordable” says Miles. “If we can bring these fantastic products to the market at affordable prices and package that with our understanding of the service levels that housebuilders need, then we can’t go wrong” 

Athena are now marching forward, back into the breach with their housebuilder clients, offering not just quartz and granite worktops but also the luxury of sintered stone with matching tiles to boot! 

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