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Meet the small company making a splash in the UK property marketing industry – CP Creative 

In the bustling city of London, amidst a sea of property marketing companies, one small yet dynamic company stands out for its innovative approach and impeccable customer service – CP Creative. Specialising in a number of services, from Photography and Floorplans to Graphic Design, CGI, Virtual Staging and Video, CP Creative has emerged as a driving force in the industry, transforming the way interior spaces are captured and marketed.  

In an era where real estate images have grown dull and uninspired, CP Creative has stepped forward as a catalyst for change. Their unique photography approach invigorates interior spaces, skilfully capturing subtle moments that narrate vibrant stories and highlight the essence of natural light. Gone are the days when this artistic touch was limited to freelancers; CP Creative’s tightly-knit team has successfully proven that personalisation and attention to detail can be achieved by a company, while still delivering the top-notch customer service that clients crave. 

The secret to CP Creative’s success lies in their passion for storytelling through visuals. Each shot is meticulously crafted to reveal the soul of a property, allowing potential buyers to envision themselves living within its walls. Their photography goes beyond the mundane, stirring emotions, and creating an authentic connection between the property and its potential occupants. This approach has struck a chord with some of the UK’s leading homebuilders and developers, high-end estate agents, interior designers, and architects, earning CP Creative a coveted place as their go-to property marketing partner. The company operates within London as well as on larger contracts across the UK. 

The talented back-of-house team at CP Creative plays a crucial role in their success. They work diligently on organisation, graphic design, CGI and quality checking, ensuring that every project meets the highest standards. This seamless collaboration between the front-end and back-end teams enables CP Creative to consistently exceed expectations and create captivating marketing campaigns. 

Embracing cutting-edge technology is another factor that sets CP Creative apart. They utilize drones to capture striking aerial views, providing potential buyers with a unique perspective of the properties they showcase. Additionally, their immersive virtual staging and virtual tours allow clients to envision the potential of a space, making it easier for them to make informed decisions. 

CP Creative’s dedication to artistic storytelling through revolutionary photography, unwavering commitment to customer service, and a team of passionate professionals are propelling London’s property marketing industry to new heights. As they continue to make waves and leave a lasting impression on the market, it is clear that CP Creative’s innovative approach and personal touch will be shaping the way properties are marketed in the years to come. 

158 Shoreditch High St Shoreditch, London E1 6HU ·  

+44 (0) 20 3637 1440 




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