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Housebuilder Pro is dedicated to developing software that will enable housebuilding companies to meet the growing needs of customers 

Housebuilder Pro is about unlocking new levels of growth in your business. A comprehensive new homes software solution, it leverages cloud-based technology to drive efficiency across all of your business. 

No chasing paper trails, missing emails or forgetting about customers. 

Powering larger companies are highly expensive bespoke systems that require entire teams to operate and maintain. Requiring a major investment, for many new home enterprises, these solutions are simply not in the equation. 

Housebuilder Pro is about giving smaller builders the tools they need to provide the same service as the largest and most successful companies in the sector. With the market getting ever more competitive, it’s imperative that companies embrace advanced technological solutions. Doing so enables you to keep up with tighter regulations, economic downturns and more demanding customers. 

The team are dedicated to the constant development of the platform, to meet the needs of the system’s users in the ever-changing market. The team as a result undertake a continuous extensive consultation with customers and has undertaken the necessary training to truly be industry experts. 

By working hand in hand with customers and leveraging their knowledge, Housebuilder Pro proactively introduce features required by the industry ahead of time. The system’s Part L solution utilises cloud-based technology to make Part L compliance effortless for a new home builder. 

This ethos for constant innovation comes from Housebuilder Pro’s roots. Its parent company Shoothill – The Specialists in Software, are an award-winning full-service custom software agency, Shoothill first built Housebuilder Pro after working with a regional new home builder to create a custom software solution. 

This bespoke system continued to grow, from a simple way of managing choices and extra, into a platform that incorporated features including a CRM and plot management. 

Shoothill specialises in solving business problems through software, and 5 years later this is what Housebuilder Pro does. Streamlining administration, improving customer care, and resolving snags quicker. But most importantly, accelerating sales. All in one unified system. 

The development team are currently introducing a complaints procedure that makes working within the New Homes Quality Board’s complaints procedure painless. Housebuilder Pro covers the 10 main tenets of the New Homes Quality Code, this next step expands Housebuilder Pro’s coverage of the new platform. 

Keen to bring the best out of your business, the team’s capable developers and support team help integrate other aspects of Housebuilder Pro into your business. When using Housebuilder Pro, all development and plot data is stored in the system. It just makes sense to have a tool that puts this information onto the listings on your website, accelerating the work of your sales team. 

Housebuilder Pro is staffed by experienced software and real estate professionals. Between them is over 200 years of professional experience. Combined with industry knowledge, our high-ranking consultants and experience helping over 40 home builders nationwide improve their practices. Housebuilder Pro solves problems your company didn’t even know it had. Unlocking unlimited growth, seamless collaboration between staff and increasing profits.  

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