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Wondrwall offers a unique combination of technology and software to automatically control the heating, cooling, lighting and security of a home 

The energy systems of the future must deliver people’s energy needs in a way that is environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable. 

Wondrwall believes that the development of intelligent net-zero homes will be vital, not just for housebuilders to achieve their immediate sustainability targets but also for the creation of decentralised, democratised, digital energy networks where energy demand is managed in coordination with local energy generation. 

What is Wondrwall? 

Wondrwall is a fully integrated Home Energy Management System (HEMS). A unique combination of technology for the home and a software solution enables the house to automatically control heating, cooling, lighting, and security functions to achieve carbon net zero while reducing energy bills for the homeowner/occupant. 

The system is made up of 3 integrated hardware modules – Home Automation, Gas-Free Heating, and Net Zero Energy (which includes high capacity, in-roof mounted, Solar PV, battery storage and integrated EV charging) and Wondrwall’s cloud-based, machine learning platform. 

The system is modular, and any part of the HEMS can be installed to suit the requirements of every property type. However, it is the combined effect of the whole system that generates the greatest savings and carbon net zero results. 

How does Wondrwall do it? 

At the heart of every Wondrwall intelligent net-zero home is the Wondrwall Light Switch. Each switch has 13 built-in sensors capable of detecting/measuring motion, temperature, luminosity, humidity, power, touch, and sound. When installed throughout your home, the switches combine to create a multi-sensory network, capable of learning how the homeowner uses their home and how it performs. 

This ‘habitational data’ is transferred to Wondrwall’s cloud-based energy management platform where it is combined with external sources of information such as weather, energy carbon content, and geo-location data. An average of over 20,000 data points for each home is analysed every day, and machine learning is used to plot the most efficient use of the home’s heating, lighting, security, and energy storage to: 

  • Minimise consumption
  • Maximise self-use
  • Minimise cost/grid use

For the first time, housebuilders can partner with one supplier to rapidly decarbonise entire communities together with reducing consumer energy bills, fuel poverty, and the impact on local and national electricity grid infrastructure. Wondrwall works with any electric-heated home, including Heat Pump, Infrared & Underfloor Heating and offers the additional benefits of an 8-10 SAP point uplift and Part S compliance on every property without any incremental increase in build costs and improved planning and DNO applications with reduced grid connection costs. 

Wondrwall Group Ltd
49 King Street, Floor 3
M2 7AY 

+44(0) 161 533 0150 




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