Landmark 250th Inspection NVQ awarded by NHBC Training

Landmark 250th Inspection NVQ awarded by NHBC Training

NHBC, the leading warranty and insurance provider for new homes in the UK, has just awarded its 250th NVQ to one of its Building Inspectors.

Building inspector Simon Wildman (pictured) was the recipient, who has recently completed his Level 6 NVQ in Senior Site Inspection – the equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.

Overall, more than 2,000 NVQs have been awarded externally by NHBC to the wider housebuilding industry since2003.

NHBC began offering NVQ courses to staff, mainly in inspection, 12 years ago and consist of a range of ‘units’ to complete the training, encompassing legal compliance, customer service, quality standards, technical information and compliant site inspection amongst other issues.

On being presented with his NVQ certification, Simon, who carries out building inspection on new housing developments in and around Exeter and the South West, explained; “I am delighted to have completed the course and in the process become the 250th person to receive an NVQ whilst undertaking my day-to-day duties at NHBC.

“It has taken me around eight months to complete and is something that I would recommend to others as it has helped me to gain a better understanding of my role and that of NHBC on a wider scale.”

Before obtaining higher level NVQs, trainee inspectors are initially offered the opportunity to complete Level 3 Diplomas in Site Inspection on joining the company.

Geoff Mann, NHBC’s Industry Training Manager, added: “NVQs are open to most staff, particularly those working in inspection and are actively encouraged within the business to help develop individuals’ talents and confirm their competence within their role. It is evidence that we not only encourage our builder customers to become qualified but we also practice what we preach by offering the same levels of development to our own inspectors. Additionally it shows that NHBC is playing its part in helping to close the skills gap in the construction industry.”

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