Coram’s shower tray collection for new Premier range

Coram Showers introduces its collection of elite shower trays

Premium British manufacturer of quality shower enclosures, showertrays and bathscreens, Coram Showers, introduces its collection of elite Shower Trays for its just launched Premier Range of enclosures. Highly versatile and more contemporary than ever, each model has been carefully sculpted with subtle angled sides and shallow sloping circular or elliptical recess for truly efficient drainage. 

Premier Crescent Shower Enclosure with Sliding Door & 950 Designer Slimline Crescent Shower Tray


  • The Collection of Shower Trays specially designed for Coram’s Premier Range is:
  • Designer Slimline Trays (height to rim – 60mm)
  • Riser Kit (A Slimline tray with added plinth creates the height to rim from 60mm – 185mm)
  • Riser Showertrays (height to rim – 185mm)


Available styles are for corner, alcove and stand alone options


  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Pentagon
  • Quadrants


Sizes range from


  • 760mm x 760mm
  • 1400mm x 800mm


Price Range 


  • Designer Slimline Shower trays start from £92.16 including vat (800x800mm)
  • Riser Shower Tray start from £142.91 including vat (760x760mm)
  • Designer Slimline Riser Kits start from £66.14 including vat (1000×800/1200×800mm)




  • Trap for Slimline Shower tray retails for £24.88 including vat (90mm)
  • Self-adhesive Upstand for Slimline Tray retails for £38.16 including vat (2.8m roll)



Unique easy-fit features allow you to install either a Coram Riser Showertray or a Designer Slimline Showertray with a riser kit, in less than 20 minutes. 


We all know that even the slightest movement of a showertray after installation will lead to expensive water leaks. That’s why Coram’s Coratech trays are absolutely rigid and designed to be fixed in a way which will ensure that there can be no possible movement. The riser trays have adjustable feet, which can be securely screwed to the floor, whilst the slimline trays are bonded to the floor by large fixing pads or silicon around the entire rim of the tray. 


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends that the maximum that is safe for one person to lift unassisted is 25kgs. Most stone resin trays are above this limit and so should be lifted by two people. Coram’s entire range of trays on the other hand have all been designed to be below 25kgs, so the entire range is ‘safe’ for one person to lift and install.


Coratech® is a revolutionary resin formulation developed by Coram for use in their showertrays.

It has all the strength of traditional ‘stone resin’ showertrays but without the excessive weight.



  • Hard wearing acrylic surface with the strength and rigidity of a resin base
  • Unique Coratech resin
  • Slimline Showertrays are secured straight to the floor using silicon
  • The Riser Kit comes with easy screw fix legs
  • Riser Showertrays have factory fitted legs
  • Detachable push-fit rigid panels
  • Easy to adjust threaded feet with angled screw fixings


Designed and built in Britain, Coram is the preferred choice for fast and easy shower installation. Offering an extensive range of easy-fit features, Coram Showers proudly boasts its new Premier shower enclosures and shower trays can be fitted as a one person install, in only an hour! To find out which Coram product is the right bathroom solution for you, visit the new look website and let the high-tech makeover do some of the work for a change.

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