Core Living build-to-rent brand launched by Godwin Group

Core Living build-to-rent brand launched by Godwin Group

Godwin Group has launched a new build-to-rent (BTR) brand called Core Living to build up to 2,500 homes to help ease the nation’s housing crisis.

Core Living will sit under the Godwin Group brand but will only be used for BTR, which is one of the UK’s fastest growing construction sectors.

The new Core Living brand follows the government’s efforts to tackle the UK’s housing shortage by defining BTR as a distinct product for the private rented sector in its National Planning Policy Framework glossary.

It is hoped this official definition will simplify BTR’s treatment within the planning system – meaning quicker access to approvals, site starts and completions.

Godwin is targeting 500 homes in phase one of the Core Living project starting in 2019, with a target of at least another 2,000 homes in the coming year.

Stuart Pratt, Group Development Director at Godwin, said, “As a result of the government’s focus in tackling the housing shortage, we will be launching a new BTR brand in 2019 called Core Living.

“We will be working with local councils and housebuilders alike to provide much-needed rental accommodation to those looking for long-term housing to rent.

“This will not only include the usual BTR apartments in city centres, but also the construction of family housing rental units in wider city and rural areas to help ease the nation’s housing queues.”

Mr Pratt added, “We will be starting our Core Living brand in Leicestershire, Yorkshire and the north, and will start the initial programme of 500 homes in 2019.

“We will then be targeting UK-wide locations with the aim of building another 2,000-plus homes in the following three years.”

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