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Yves Peltyn, Head Designer at Gerflor Limited, speaks to Showhome about his inspirations, passion for interior design and key winter trends


How did you get into interior design?

By following my passion for it, basically! I also encountered many talented people in different areas of interior decoration who inspired me in my early life and convinced me that interior design was an industry I should pursue in my adult life.


What or who are your inspirations?

A synthesis of current decorative trends is my constant inspiration. I greatly admire the work of interior designers Sarah Lavoine and Paola Navone, who champion unique, contemporary design. Their work often directly inspires many of my designs.


How does your design process begin?

All my creations start with colour and texture but harmony between all elements of a design is very important to me. Making sure all my designs follow the same theme, so they can be used together in a room, is vital to ensure that both the room comes together properly and my work is at its most effective.

What tips do you recommend to update a home this winter?

My tip for this winter is to create a cosy atmosphere with warm, natural hues, such as reds and browns, and to then accessorise with small touches of colour to evoke the coming spring.


If there is one trend we should invest in over the winter, what should it be?

Invest in a natural trend by bringing together beautiful materials and textiles, such as wood, stone, hemp and linen. Then add handmade crafts or accessories that reflect individual style. 


Does your home have a signature style and feel?

Yes, it has harmony because I always have coherence between colours. For me, harmony is the most important aspect of any design. All the aspects must fit together as one to make the design work


What advice would you give to new home/first time buyers on how to start choosing interiors?

I recommend that they choose a home with plenty of natural daylight and one with average, rather than over-sized rooms, which are easier to decorate, and mean that furniture within the room doesn’t look lost and out of place.


What is the most frustrating aspect of your job?

It is if one design or a small collection should fail to launch. My aim is that every single part of every single design is a success.

Has the economy has an impact on your business?

No, people continue to want inspirational floorings to update their homes with. In my opinion, tough economic times mean that people are spending more time at home. They won’t spend money on going out, but tend to renovate their home and make it a more pleasant place to spend time. This involves buying new flooring, as well as furniture.


What has been the most challenging project so far?

Gerflor participated in the well-known, international trade fair for the interior design industry, Maison & Objet, for which I created a small textile collection that was adapted for the flooring market. It was hard work, but definitely worth the effort, especially when it was awarded the Elle Deco Prize for Creativity.


And the most rewarding one?

I once undertook a project to create an all-over wood design at a time when all wood patterns were exclusively plank concepts. It was a huge success and remains an essential design in our ranges of decorative, vinyl floorings. I am very proud of the work I did on that project, and still draw inspiration from it when designing flooring today.


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