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Dimplex supports installers on new heat pump standard

Leading name in heating Dimplex is helping installers get to grips with MIS 3005, the new heat pump installation standard, which came into effect from February 2012.

The heat pump manufacturer has been running a series of seminars around the country to give installers an overview of the new standard and how it will affect their work. But installers shouldn’t worry if they missed the seminar roadshow, because Dimplex also offers plenty of MIS 3005 support through its design service, which has been extended to include everything needed to comply with the new standard.

MIS 3005 aims to ensure heat pump installations achieve the efficiencies of which they are capable, by giving guidelines on the specification of the various elements of a system, including heat emitters and ground collectors, as well as the heat pump itself.

Chris Davis, Business Development Director at Dimplex Renewables, says: “We believe MIS 3005 is a positive move for the industry and will help heat pump systems deliver the consistently high performance that’s needed to encourage the uptake of renewable heating in the UK.

MIS 3005 requires a detailed heat loss calculation to be carried out, which Dimplex will now include as part of its service. In addition, Dimplex will recommend a suitably-sized heat pump and hot water cylinder for a given system, and will also work out the correct sizing for ground collectors, if applicable.

Additionally, since MIS 3005’s Heat Emitter Guide uses a star rating system to show the efficiency of the proposed system, Dimplex’s design service will work out the star rating on a project and recommend suitable heat emitters for maximum efficiency. Finally, the new standard requires an efficiency calculation to be carried out, which Dimplex will also provide.

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